Monday, September 24, 2012

Down Under

It may be Fall in most parts of the world, but it is spring in some places...

Source: Sportscraft
Whether they go relax at the beach or go on a road trip in one of the countless, endless roads in the desert, Australians (or at least the most stylish ones) likes them shorts!
One good thing Down Under is that no ones judges your look, and dress relaxed is a must.

I stayed a year in OZ, being a native from France, I literally had to change the way I dressed to be comfy and stylish. I love these shorts, you can wear them in every color you want, you can even rock the stripes easily. 

The shots for the Sportscraft campaign have been taken in Broome, which is a very inspirational city. The desert meets the Ocean, everything is orange and blue and a lot of inspired photographs bless the city with their talent. (I fell in love with Yane Sotirosky's work while wandering in the city center)


Source: Sportscraft

Nothing sounds better to me right now but a perfect day chillin with friends by the sea, sitting within the rocks, sippin on some delicious red wine and listen to some indie music.

Photo by Tibo, Broome August 2012

Another style that I like is simple, relaxed and classy. A well fitted white or beige T-shirt is perfect for spring, as it goes with every color you like. I like V-neck for spring and summer. The Industrie clothing brand features simple and edgy styles, and is a must have in a wardrobe, at least for the hot and sunny days.



  1. Love this pots! Those shorts look amazing! and so do the guys...;)


  2. Thanks! I like your blog, your style is amazing!